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What made the Buffalo WordPress Meetup so interesting is how a simple request to fix a page’s formatting became an exercise in making  changes on the website using the Divi Builder. Having used Divi 2-4 years ago very heavily this developer was surprised how much Divi had changed. So much so[and mostly for the better] I was unable to actively help. So I embarked on creating this website using InstaWP which creates a WordPress website very quickly [and which runs very fast] in hpes of solving the problem live. But Divi accounting fumbled badly and delayed creation of the website. But it is now available for viewing.

The Text editing module is at the heart of the DiviBuilder. It has lots of familiar capabilities  but usable in a grid layout:

Essential to Divi editing are its right-click  operations:

The web design team that produced the site likely also placed some limits on what  users could edit -the Role Editing settings. This video tells more about it:

Divi’s Theme Builder module shows the sophisticated side of Divi:

Divi 5.0 roadmap for 2023

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